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Meet The Team

At Muir-Chase Plumbing, Our Team is Family!

Behind every successful project stands our exceptional team. With over 290 years of combined experience in the commercial plumbing industry, our dedicated staff—from field personnel to office professionals—brings unparalleled expertise to every job. We take pride in our team's longevity and the enduring relationships we've built.

  • Partners

    • Jay  Chase Photo
      Jay Chase
    • Grant  Muir Photo
      Grant Muir
    • Gail  Comstock Photo
      Gail Comstock
  • Jr. Partners

    • Travis  Chase Photo
      Travis Chase
    • Cody  Muir Photo
      Cody Muir
    • Brian  Chase Photo
      Brian Chase
    • Neal  Muir Photo
      Neal Muir
  • Accounting

    • Gladys  Yamane Photo
      Gladys Yamane
    • Rob  Miluzzo Photo
      Rob Miluzzo
    • Joaquin  Larios Photo
      Joaquin Larios
    • Becky  Leffler Photo
      Becky Leffler
    • Aunika  Golden Photo
      Aunika Golden
  • AutoCAD Design

    • Craig  Schilling Photo
      Craig Schilling
    • Rock  Foltz Photo
      Rock Foltz
    • Jeff  Buyer Photo
      Jeff Buyer
  • Project Management & Estimation

    • Mark  Friedly Photo
      Mark Friedly
    • Adam  Muir Photo
      Adam Muir
    • Jimmy  Baker Photo
      Jimmy Baker
    • Mike  Alfonso Photo
      Mike Alfonso
    • Eric  Ulfeldt Photo
      Eric Ulfeldt
    • Alex  Stendel Photo
      Alex Stendel
    • Trevor  Kuehnel Photo
      Trevor Kuehnel
    • Bill  Weller Photo
      Bill Weller
    • Bob  Luna Photo
      Bob Luna
  • Field Superintendents

    • Eddie  Armendariz Photo
      Eddie Armendariz
  • Purchasing & Warehouse

    • Matt  Derro Photo
      Matt Derro
    • Ben  Contreras Photo
      Ben Contreras
    • Kevin  Curran Photo
      Kevin Curran
    • Macy  Murray Photo
      Macy Murray
    • Sam  Tua Photo
      Sam Tua
  • Project Engineering

    • Heather  Monk Photo
      Heather Monk
    • Kim  Russell Photo
      Kim Russell
    • Samantha  Dalke Photo
      Samantha Dalke
  • Service Department

    • Ethan  Allen Photo
      Ethan Allen
    • Connor  Muir Photo
      Connor Muir
    • Beth  Stoke Photo
      Beth Stoke
  • Orange County Team

    • Mario  Borroto Photo
      Mario Borroto
    • Nick  Tolmasoff Photo
      Nick Tolmasoff
    • Donna  Engles Photo
      Donna Engles
    • Johnny  Blas Photo
      Johnny Blas
    • Henry  Blas Photo
      Henry Blas
    • Elizabeth  Balderas Photo
      Elizabeth Balderas
    • Keith  Enders Photo
      Keith Enders
  • Consulting Partners

    • Jim  Muir Photo
      Jim Muir
    • Don  Chase Photo
      Don Chase