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scholars Program terms & conditions

Scholars Program Terms & Conditions

We are proud to introduce the 2021 Muir-Chase Foundation Scholars Program, which offers students generous financial support to further their education in college or in the trades. The program is established to award multiple scholarships per year at various values. Scholarship recipients are subject to verification and must meet the minimum requirements delineated below.

The scholarship is offered exclusively to students who are children of current Muir-Chase Plumbing associates. The Muir-Chase Foundation Scholarships will be awarded based on personal information, continued education plans, an essay and one or more interviews to be scheduled between

November 5 and November 29, 2021.


To be eligible for selection the applicant must be a child of a current Muir-Chase Plumbing employee, with a minimum of 5 years employment with the company. Employment years do not have to be consecutive. Each Muir-Chase Plumbing associate may recommend one individual to be considered for a Muir-Chase Foundation Scholarship each year.

To be eligible for the scholarship the candidate must be awaiting acceptance, accepted to or currently attending a trade school or accredited college or university as a full-time student in an undergraduate program.

Previous scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply each application period but can only receive scholarship or grant funds a total of 3 times.

For questions related to eligibility, please contact Lauren Brady.


The candidate must request a copy of the application form.

The candidate must complete the application form, provide their most current transcripts, proof of enrollment, acceptance or application to a trade school, college or university and complete the requested essay. Inability to complete the required interviews will result in disqualification.


The application deadline is Monday, November 1, 2021.

Applications postmarked or emailed after the deadline will not be accepted.

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