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scholarship Recipients

Every year the Muir-Chase Foundations provides financial support to children of Muir-Chase associates. We are proud to introduce the 2019 Muir-Chase Foundation Scholarship Recipients.



Alfonso is hard working, passionate and dedicated to his academics. Since receiving his first Muir-Chase Foundation Scholarship in 2020, he completed his senior year in high school and interned at Walgreens Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician during the height of the pandemic. He learned many valuable skills that emboldened his decision to be Pre-Med at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, and to help others. Alfonso has taken his personal growth with him to Massachusetts where he balances a full (7 class!) workload, a social life and will soon join Brain Cell, a campus organization that offers tours to incoming students and provides support at campus events. Alfonso has a long road ahead of him as he pursues his dream to become a Physician or Physicians Assistant, but there is no doubt he will be successful. He has a great foundation under him & an incredible attitude for the future

Jocelynn Blas

Jocelynn has grown tremendously since first applying to the Muir-Chase Scholarship program in 2019. Since then, she has completed her first year at Cerritos College while balancing the curve balls brought on by the pandemic and working 4 days per week at an Ophthalmologists office, where she was recently promoted to a front office position. Jocelynn is enthusiastic about her future plans to transfer to Cerritos College to complete her AA while studying Child Development and pursuing a 14 – 16 month Cosmetology program. She is mindful about keeping her options for the future open while remaining determined to succeed. She is tenacious, joy-filled and very committed to the road ahead!

elaine Duran

Elaine is studying Nursing at Northern Arizona University.  She is very passionate about nursing, specifically pediatrics.  Elaine has seen many people in the nursing field lose their passion over the years.  She is working hard to be a Nurse Practitioner that allows parents to feel her passion and know that she genuinely cares for their child and wants the best for them. This scholarship will allow Elaine to travel (up to 3 hours) to other hospitals and clinics in surrounding areas to help and serve as needed.  (These clinicals are an out of pocket expense for nursing students.)

Kaia Freely

Kaia is very ambitious and highly motivated. She is currently a student at OCC and works at a trendy coffee shop. Covid has changed her career perspective yet has guided her into a new field in helping others. Kaia is finishing up her associate degree and looking to apply to UC Irvine or UC Santa Barbara, and her end goal is to complete her PHD in Child Psychology. She has years of school ahead but with her level headedness and hard work ethic, she can conquer anything.

Aneth Ramirez

Aneth is a clear leader and has demonstrated her passion for helping others through the many extra-curricular activities she has been involved in throughout high school. Her strengths include working well with others and effective time management to successfully complete tasks to the highest standard. She often writes poetry to express herself, and has won multiple literary competitions, and been published in the American Library of Poetry. She shows empathy while describing the work she has done volunteering with elderly citizens in her community. She has spent time writing letters to members of a retirement community to help keep them company and prevent loneliness. Additionally, she started an organization to assist senior citizens in the task of scheduling their COVID vaccine appointments through the pandemic; realizing her own management and organizational skills can help others surpass potential barriers to receiving important care. She hopes to study criminal psychology in college, and use her writing and ability to form compassionate relationships with others to succeed in this field. She has sought opportunities to help those around her achieve their own goals, and we have no doubt she will successfully achieve her own as a psychologist one day in the future.

Kasey Watson

Kasey is currently studying nursing at Boise State University. Not only is she a full time student, but she is also working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) full time. She is very passionate about nursing and has chosen to pursue a career in pediatrics. She loves helping children and is confident that she will make a great pediatric nurse someday. Throughout the pandemic, she has taken on a lot of responsibilities as a CNA, and has gained a lot of valuable experience which she will be able to put towards her future career. This scholarship will help her pay for her classes and textbooks.



Alfonso is very grateful for the opportunities awarded to him by this scholarship. He is very passionate about entering the medical field and will be an important asset to the medical community. He recently completed an externship as a pharmacy technician trainee getting hands-on experience in the field. This fall he is attending Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences pursuing a career as a physician in the Pre-Med major. He plans to attend Medical school in the future.


Elaine is very motivated and passionate about her future as a nurse. She is learning a lot at Northern Arizona University’s School of Nursing, and is very dedicated to learning about medicine. Receiving healthcare as a child, she realized that there was much more that could have been done, and she believes that as a pediatric nurse practitioner, she will be able to help every child that steps into her office. 


Amber has a passion for helping others and is enthusiastic about pursuing a career in American Sign Language Translation. She is extremely empathic, recognizing the hardships hearing impaired people face and hoping to one day assist their community in achieving a more equal access to education. Her committed involvement in ROTC has developed her skills in communication and musti-tasking and has helped shape her into the resilient leader she is today.


Taylor is incredibly dedicated and passionate. Whether it’s training and acting as a mentor to high school soccer players, working a full-time job to support herself through college or adapting to the virtual learning model while making the Dean’s list for the first time, she is driven and always gives her best. After completing her Bachelors of Science, a Masters & her MD, Taylor hopes to pursue a career in Forensic Criminology. She looks forward to making an impact on people’s lives in this field.


Kasey is a second-time recipient of the Muir-Chase Foundation Scholarship. She is a motivated and passionate full-time nursing student at College of the Canyons. This past year, she took a role as a nursing assistant and works full-time at her local hospital in the pulmonary and renal unit, as well as in the Covid unit. In December 2021, Kasey will transfer to Boise State University to work towards her BSN. In five years, Kasey sees herself completing her Masters degree and diving into her nursing career, with a long term goal of holding a leadership position at a hospital.  She is passionate about sparking change in the world.



Eddie graduated New Harvest Christian School in the spring. He comes from a family of plumbers; his great great grandfather, grandfather, uncles and dad have all had careers in the trade, and he believes it is his ‘calling.’ After two summers spent in the pre-fab shop at Muir-Chase and learning alongside his dad on side jobs, Eddie anticipates entering an apprenticeship training program. Eddie will be joining the Muir-chase team in 2020 and is ‘looking forward to being mentored by men who take pride in what they do.’


Jocelynn graduated Saint Joseph High School in the spring. She plans to attend Cerritos College this fall to study business and cosmetology, and then transfer to a four-year university to complete a business degree. She sees this scholarship as a way to give back to her parents and demonstrate her drive to succeed in her ultimate goal of opening a salon.


Kaia will be a sophomore OCC this fall. She looks forward to transferring to UC Irvine to complete a Bachelors of Science for nursing and pursue a career as an RN in Pediatrics. This scholarship will help her accelerate her goals to, in her words, “help, serve and love on others in a time of need.”


Kasey will be a sophomore at the College of the Canyons this fall. Kasey has spent most of her life preparing for a career as a nurse, as a member of the Medical Science Academy at her high school and as a volunteer at her local hospital where she worked alongside a social worker to better understand the emotional needs of patients and their families. Kasey plans to transfer to Cal State Northridge and hopes to become a nurse in Oncology to “give back to people that are experiencing the hardships of a cancer diagnosis.


Alexis graduated from UCLA in the spring. As a first-generation college student, she takes a great deal of pride in her education at UCLA and is very passionate about a career in editing. She was the site leader for The Writer’s Den on-campus, an organization that volunteers at local schools and teaches creative writing to students; and she is also the copy and content editor for OutWrite, a news publication on campus. Alexis is currently working as a tutor, and searching for copy editing jobs with various publishers. She is looking forward to taking the next step in her career! 

how does it work?

The Scholars program provides financial support to children of Muir-Chase employees with annual scholarships to further their education in college, in the trades or an accredited vocational program.

can i apply?

To be eligible for selection, the applicant must be a child of a current Muir-Chase Plumbing employee, with a minimum of 5 years employment with the company. For more information please see the terms and conditions page. 

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